Chile Mine – An Infographic About the Rescue


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This infographic comes to us from Cristina Gambaccini and her flikr page. It details the rescue of the Chilean Miners that just occurred a few weeks ago. Parts of this infographic are similar to one that came out during the beginning of the Chilean mine crises, which you can view here. That said, the design of this infographic is much cleaner and could easily be viewed in a magazine.

Upon submission, Gambaccini had the following to say:

This infographic shows the different aspects of the Chilean miners rescue at San Jose mine, near Copiapo, Chile. It includes: location map, inner perspective of the mine structure, equipment details and a timeline of the whole process. It was published by Gente magazine, Editorial Televisa, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The infographic itself is not written in English, so I can’t comment much on its actual content, but it flows nice and does a good job of mixing text and images. If you click to enlarge the above infographic, you will be viewing the largest size that I could find, which makes all the details clear.

All told, the infographic itself is well designed and does a good job of displaying the facts with the use of images.

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