CBD Flower – What is it?


What is CBD flower and why are people smoking it?

What is CBD flower and why are people smoking it?

Score from the experts at Killer Visual Strategies

Visual Communication - 75%
Design - 70%
Content/Script - 60%
Usability - 75%


Final Grade

This infographic presents some information about CBD flower and why people smoke it. The visual communication is a strong feature here, as each element has an icon that captures the essence of its associated point. The design style is consistent throughout and captures a tone aligned with this infographic's presumed target audience (though some elements can make the piece feel a bit busy). The copy here is on topic and and brief. However, some missing text, typos, and inconsistent uses of capitalization lower the credibility of the infographic. Overall, there's a strong visual foundation here — it just needs a bit more consistency in the content. We'd give this a C.

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