Caloric Impact of an All Sushi Diet


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This “infographic” comes to us from, and shows the caloric and financial impacts of an all sushi diet.

Honestly, I’m struggling to find anything nice to say about this infographic, other than the fact that the topic is very interesting. The infographic itself is impossible to read. The text is super small, the weird font with the white stroke doesn’t stand out on every background, and the weird green hand writing effect is a color that hurts the eyes. When an infographic like this is produced, it often fails, and then the company that produced it decides that they never want to venture into the world of infographics again. This is highly problematic because infographics can be hugely successful marketing tools when done right. This same topic could have been designed beautifully in a way that people all around the internet would want to share it.

Ways to improve this infographic:
1. Add more imagery
2. Get rid of all the small text
3. Make the important numbers stand out (instead the conclusive sentences sit as after thoughts)
4. Add charts and graphs that compare caloric intake side by side, instead of just explaining it in a sentence here and there
5. Choose a color pallet that is nice on the eyes
6. Have less Kanji. I know that the Kanji makes this more authentic, but there’s too much of it and that becomes to focal point instead of the data.
7. Don’t ever use a marker/hand writing font that makes it look like you printed this out and wrote all over it

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