Buying Stuff on Credit is Expensive: An Infographic About Credit Cards

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This infographic, brought to us by, shows just how expensive it could be to use credit cards to buy things. There has been quite a lot of press about the credit card industry over the last few years, as predatory lending and high interest rates have dwindled our economy. Now that the economy is starting to improve, more and more people are jumping back into old habits. This infographic shows just how much those habits can cost, by explaining interest and how often the little things we buy can add up to thousands of dollars each year in hidden fees.

All in all, this is a top notch infographic. It is concise and easy to understand, well designed, and created to be shared. It is only 400px wide, which means that it can live on almost any blog without any tweaking. It isn’t too long, but the design is so well done that a great deal of information can fit on the graphic. For anyone looking for an example of a good infographic to learn from, this is a great place to start.

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