Business Cards Face Off (Infographic)


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This infographic is a creative comparison of several business card printing companies. It was submitted to us by Business

The idea behind the infographic is pretty cool – compare different business card printing companies by ordering the same business cards from all of them and compare overall quality, delivery and service. This is a pretty big experiment, so an infographic is definitely the best way to present all of this data without overwhelming the reader with information. Including images of the individual business cards as well as the packaging they came in was a neat idea as well.

Unfortunately, the overall design of the infographic could use a face lift. Incorporating those images into the infographic is a good idea, but they could be a whole lot cleaner. Some of them are a bit pixelated – instead of cutting them out and embedding them into the image, it may have been nicer to put a border around them to make the whole thing more crisp and consistent. I also think that the color scheme is a bit drab – it certainly works with the branding of, but since we see their business card several time throughout the infographic, it would be nice to see some other colors so that the whole thing does not blur together. The “face off” theme is a good idea, but it is not expanded upon outside the graphic at the top of the infographic.

This infographic could also benefit from getting rid of a bunch of those stars – they are a little distracting.


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