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As I’ve mentioned in the past, it seems like everyone is doing infographics these days! While some places do infographics just for links, others are actually respecting the medium and producing infographics that speak directly to their audience. One such place following this approach is a company out of the UK called Boiler Insurance and Repairs. The above infographic does a good job of explaining Boilers and Central Heating and targets the right audience. Here’s what the creators had to say about it when they submitted the infographic to us:

An infographic looking at boiler facts and their ecological impact within the UK. It discusses the effectiveness of the UK boiler scrappage scheme, the efficiency of boilers across the UK.

We also look at the boiler installation market in the UK, comparing independent installers and utility providers.

A number of new stats have been released since the switch from the CORGI gas safety body to the new Gas Safe Register, looking at the number of new boilers released in the UK and their seasonal rating.

Interestingly the UK still has 4 million boilers installed which have the lowest efficiency rating, this shows the boiler market in the UK still has room for growth.

Sources include the Gas Safe Register and Energy Saving Trust. The infographic would be most suitable for plumbing and home improvement sites, feel free to use it!


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