Blueprint of a Successful Online Shopping Cart (Infographic)


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Today’s infographic comes to us from, which is a company that provides ecommerce software for merchants wanting to start an online store. The infographic showcases what to expect from a successful online shopping cart (in other words, ecommerce software). Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at Volusion had the following to say:

The first step to selling online is finding the ultimate web shopping cart to prime your business for success. Make sure your shopping cart solution provides these critical components: Website Design, Features, Support, Security, Social and Mobile Selling.

All in all, the infographic is pretty good for the topic. It’s hard to create an “anatomy of” infographic without being too text heavy, but at least Volusion did a good job of adding some data points and showing them through visual elements. Had they not done that, then this infographic would be more like a well designed article, which we often suggest designers avoid doing. Instead, this is laid out like a blueprint and uses some decent figures. I do wish there was some more design added to this. For instance, a shopping cart drawn in blueprint style (blueprint style = white line drawing) in the background would add some nice visual appeal.


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