Black Friday and Cyber Monday


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A visually striking header, a red-and-black color scheme, and hard-hitting fonts masterfully communicate the sense of urgency associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in this infographic. The numbers are as well-visualized as the high-stress shopping environment is. We might have liked to see more data viz on the Google stats, or perhaps a scale or chart illustrating the interconnectedness of the numbers in the section, “How much people are planning to spend on Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping.”

The stats under “Predicted Shopping Trends” aren’t exactly clear — will 5% fewer people be shopping on Black Friday this year? Or 5% of all people? The latter seems unlikely because of the stat that follows. But we’re still not entirely sure.

All in all, we love the visual impact of this infographic. It’s sure to draw readers in and keep them reading through to the end — which is exactly what an infographic is supposed to accomplish!


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