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This infographic on biosand was submitted to us by an independent graphic designer in India. What I really love about this infographic is that data visualization – the water bottles and water droplets are a great way to show all of the data. The color scheme works well, and I think that there is just enough text to emphasize the content of the infographic, rather than distract from or completely replace the data visualization.

There are just a few things I would change about this infographic. The water droplets are a great way to visualize the data, but I think calling out the individual percentages rather than providing a key would make this section a lot easier to understand right away. There are also percentage call-outs in the section above this that could easily be represented with pie charts. Since these two sections are where the most actual data is, they could be displayed more prominently. I also think it would be better to use the same font across the entire infographic for the sake of consistency, or at least one font for the text and another for the headings of each section. Finally, I think it would help to change the dimensions of the entire infographic to that of a more traditional one so that the reader does not have to scroll horizontally in order to view the entire infographic.

Overall, this is a great infographic that needs just a bit more emphasis on data visualization.

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