Best and Worst Dorms in the Country


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Today, we have another infographic submission from eCampus. This isn’t today’s version of an infographic, but it’s a more traditional version. I say this because traditional infographics are often just one graph, but today’s infographics have many charts and graphs to create a very visually stimulating piece. When eCampus submitted this infographic, they had the following to say:

Every college has the good dorm and the bad dorm. Unfortunately, many students are not aware of which is which prior to arriving in college. The “Dormy Awards” from inspired us at to create this graphic to try and guide our customers into the right living situation.

What I like about this infographic is the very creative way of showcasing a bar graph. I also like that eCampus didn’t make their logo take up a large portion of the infographic, which is something they have done in past infographics. What I don’t like is that this is not a full infographic (in today’s sense of the word). I would love for this to include reasons why these dorms are the best vs. worst, ratings of each dorm, cost to stay in each dorm, location of each dorm (using a map, not listing it out), and more data points that would really help to answer the huge question that I walk away with after looking at this (especially since no sources are listed, so I don’t know if this is a matter of opinion or fact): WHY?

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