Being Self Employed in the US vs. UK


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Today’s infographic comes from and compares what it’s like to be self employed in the US vs. UK. All in all, this infographic is OK at best. It is an infographic, but relies a lot on typography to tell the story and has a really rough color pallet. There is SOME data visualization, but this is mainly a lot of images paired with large text to keep driving the same points home. Also, all infographics should be checked for grammar and spelling before publishing them to the public. For instance, the word moons is being used as a possessive noun, so why isn’t it moons?? If text is going to be that big on an infographic, it should be easy to edit before pushing live.

Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at had the following to say:

The US has a reputation for being entrepreneurial compared to the rest of the world.

This infographic compares being self employed in the UK vs the US, highlighting the difference in average incomes, tax rates and percentages.

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