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Today’s infographic is about BAFTA, which is the UK equivalent of the Oscars. Since we began the week with an Oscar infographic, it’s only right that we close the week with a BAFTA infographic. Unfortunately though, I’m not too impressed with this infographic. I just went on a long rant yesterday about how infographics must be graphical representations of information. In other words, the data needs to be visualized. Here’s a simple rule of thumb that is a MUST when designing infographics: If all the text can be taken out of the infographic and the images left over do not display any information or tell a story, then it’s not an infographic. Instead, it’s a well designed article with nice pictures complimenting it. This infographic has fun typography, but (besides the tag cloud at the bottom), this infographic doesn’t use it to display information and there are no images displaying information either. I wish the designer would have included some charts and graphs to showcase data. For instance, why not a graph comparing winners (and number of BAFTAs) side by side? Why not a graph showing BAFTA predictions for the year? There’s got to be data out there where someone has polled an audience to get their predictions.

My other issue with this infographic is that the images are not cut out well at all. Add a mask to blur out the hard edges. There is still a piece of white background in Kristen Stewart’s hair. If you’re going to cut off someone’s waist or legs, then put a border around them (for instance, put them in a polaroid) so that it doesn’t look awkward.

Finally, if the entire infographic is going to focus on text, pass it through editorial before pushing it live. For instance, what does this sentence mean: “The first BAFTA was award on April 16, 1947”

I hate to be so harsh, but I’ve seen other infographics from this designer that are really great, so I’m wondering what went wrong with this one. I know this designer can do better, but there might be reasons for this infographic turning out as it did.


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