B2B Firms and Social Media (Infographic)


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at and covers statistics in business to business social media marketing. Here’s what they had to say about their infographic:

B2B companies (business that sell to other businesses, rather than to end consumers) are making use of social media to promote themselves in record numbers. This simple infographic attempts to explain why for those B2B companies that simply don’t the point of social media in B2B internet marketing. This infographic covers some basic statistic about how awesomely huge the leading social media outlets are, and then dives into some B2B-specific info, including B2B buyer behavior.

First off, I really like the color scheme of the infographic. I also like the way that the charts look – I love when people take a traditional pie chart and add some subtle changes that make the chart look completely different.

The biggest issue with this infographic is pretty obvious right away: there is way, way too much text. The point of an infographic is that you don’t have to read the entire thing. Not only does having too much text completely miss the point, it distracts from the data visualization itself as opposed to clarifying or enhancing it, which I honestly think there is enough here to display properly. As it is now, it seems like the images are more there to compliment the text descriptions than the other way around.

I also think that the citations are a little unnecessary – there is a source list at bottom. The numbers for the citation should at least be a bit smaller. Finally, the title is in way too small a font – it looks like there isn’t any title at all. It should be bigger than the description, and the word “why” is just way too big here. It’s not that pressing of a question.

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