Australian Mobile Internet Usage

australian mobile internet usage
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This is an interesting infographic that shows how Australians are currently using their Internet enabled mobile phones. Smart phones are saturating the market, which has aided in the rise of mobile commerce. This makes understanding how mobile phones are being used in other countries a top priority for many in the world of e-commerce.

This infographic begins by pointing out that nearly half of mobile phone users in Australia have Internet enabled phones and about 26% access the Internet from their mobile phone each day. It then goes into depth about the activities people engage in when using their mobile phones, and shows how this has changed year over year. An interesting fact from this infographic is that the iPhone is not the market share champion in Australia like it is in the United States.

Overall, this is a very simple infographic with a few pieces of good information. It would have been nice to have more data, though, as just a few facts are not usually enough to create an entire infographic.

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