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This infographic comes to us from, a company that covers all of the latest sport headlines in Australia. This includes Australia’s Ashes line-up & Roger Federer’s goal for 2011. The infographic details important facts and figures related to the Ashes series, which is a cricket series in Australia. Upon submission of the infographic, BigPondSport had the following to say:

The Ashes Cricket Series between Australia and England has produced some of the most memorable moments in cricket history. A few embarrassing highlights as well as some honorable achievements have fueled the intense rivalry between these two countries.

Overall, the infographic is OK. What seems weird to me is the illustration, as it looks like at least 2 different artists illustrated the people and duck. It’s likely that one talented artist did it all, but since the styles look different from the cricket player at the top, to the anime-esque guy below, to the duck, and finally the weirdly drawn Clarrie Grimmet, the infographic just doesn’t flow as well as it could.

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