Are Video Games Addicting? This Infographic Says So


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OK, I’ll be honest, infographics are so common these days, that finding one worth really delving into is rare. It takes a very interesting topic followed up by great design, to make an infographic even slightly worth viewing. This is one such infographic worthy of attention. It’s filled with some amazing and also sad facts regarding video game addiction. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the design because incorporating real-world photos in an infographic is sometimes annoying, but the designer did a good job of tying all of the real-world photos into the infographic, making it seamless.

Upon submitting this infographic, had the following to say:

As a games developer, we are very interested in the development of this market but also – we are aware of the growing number of cases of video games addiction. Although it is not yet officially recognized as a diagnosable disorder, there is increasing evidence that people of all ages (especially teens and pre-teens), are facing very real and often severe consequences associated with compulsive use of video and computer games. The main source of our research was the On-Line Gamers Anonymous website ( which you may already know as a high authority in the field.

Because we care, recently we developed an infographic about video game addiction to draw people’s attention and help them recognize the importance of this problem and how real it is. We thought you and your readers would be interested in seeing the infographic – it is involving, shows real facts and statistics, it is easy to comprehend and has really strong influence because of its format.

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