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The Aragon motorcycle Grand Prix was recently held in Alcaniz, Spain, with Casey Stoner winning the event and ending his long victory drought in MotoGP. This infographic from Asphalt and Rubber takes a deeper look into the race and the Aragon race track. This track has a length of 3.155 miles and includes 7 right corners and 10 left corners. Stoner qualified to start the race in pole position, which is on the right side of the Aragon race track. He beat out second place finisher Dani Pedrosa by 5.148 seconds, and then was closely followed by Hayden, lrenzo, and Spies.

This chart is not easily digestible by someone who is not that familiar with MotoGP racing, and the original post did not contain much data as to what this infographic was all about or why it was created. It would be great if there was some more information on the infographic that could help the average person better understand the details presented. Another thing that would have been nice to see in this infographic is the winner Casey Stoner or other competitors. It would have also been nice to see one of the real motorcycles used in MotoGP displayed, perhaps while speeding through a corner. Overall the infographic is quite informative, but it took some time to understand it as I was not very familiar with MotoGP racing.

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