Apple’s App Store… By the Numbers (Infographic)


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Today’s infographic comes to us from, which is a website that posts daily reviews of apps available for the iPhone. The infographic details the performance of Apple’s app store since its launch, and focuses on numbers as of December 7th 2010.

There are some interesting stats in this infographic, including the fact that free apps make up for 33% of all apps in the store while 50% of the apps cost anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99. The infographic continues on to show the distribution of apps by platform, category, and price.

Overall, the infographic is OK. The design is nice, but the data is lacking. This isn’t unlike other infographics that have already been released, so this infographic is missing a hook that would make it worth sharing. All in all, there aren’t a lot of points of data in this IG, and some of the most interesting points live in very small (probably 10px) white font that is already hard to read. The infographic does do a good job of sticking to its roots though, by displaying colorful graphs in a layout that is easy to take in all at once. Another nice feature in this infographic, though subtle, is the choice to use rounded corners. As infographics become more and more the norm, the competition is heating up, and something as small as rounded corners will help an infographic stand out from the crowd.

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