Antibiotic Super Resistant Bacteria – A Health Infographic

antibiotic resistance bacteria
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This infographic visually explores the dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Not only does it give statistics on the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, but it also breaks down the mechanisms by which they evolove. Thankfully research has shown us numerous ways that we can combat this growing problem. Doing things such as decreasing antibiotics in animal feed, and ceasing to prescribe antibiotics “just because the patient wants them”. The source for the “superbacteria” was istockphoto and the source for some of the information came from Casey Adam’s book “Probiotics”. Also information from various research articles were necessary to make the infographic.

All in all, the infographic has a bit of a doom and gloom message at first, which might be a little hard to take in, despite the fact that the information is actually true. Luckily, it concludes with a solution, which is to take more probiotics to combat antibiotic resistance. It would have been nice to see some more detail about why probiotics are good and how they can help improve more than just the immune system, as many people use probiotics as a dietary supplement. It would also be good for this infographic to note where probiotics can be found, as these exist in common foods like yogurt and do not have to just come in the form of a pill.

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