Answering the Credit Score Questions


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This infographic comes to us from Bank of America. This clean, easy-to-read layout accomplishes just what it promises: It answers common questions about your credit score by visualizing the numbers, just like any infographic should. The spacious layout makes it easy to jump to the question that’s bothering you most and find the answer you need.

Although the color scheme is energetic and engaging, a white background can be hard to differentiate from the background of a lot of web pages, so a colored or off-white background is usually a better choice.

The opportunity to visualize data is what makes infographics special, so while we like the bubbles of relative scale in the first section and the credit score scale in the second section, data viz breaks down somewhat in the sections that follow. Part of this could be attributed to the fact these sections are more text-heavy, whereas infographics lend themselves better to numbers. Still, the list of actions that could improve or hurt your credit score are easy to read, and therefore easy to reference for the average reader, which is important.

There are a few numbers that could have been visualized in the section titled, “How do credit cards relate to my score?” For instance, a pie chart could have been used to represent 50% of your credit limit, or 20% of your income.

Overall, this is an infographic that makes a sometimes-complicated topic comprehensible for the average reader, and that’s one of the most important tasks an infographic can accomplish!


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