An Introduction To Truck Accidents


An Introduction To Truck Accidents: Learn facts about truck accidents in this infographic.

An Introduction To Truck Accidents: Learn facts about truck accidents in this infographic.

Score from the experts at Killer Infographics

Visual Communication - 45%
Design - 55%
Content/Script - 60%
Usability - 55%


Final Grade

This infographic offers an overview of the risks and frequency of auto collisions involving large trucks, including data about the inherent dangers posed by larger commercial vehicles and the risks imposed by fatigue. Although the orange and white color palette stays consistent, this infographic's visual style shows a doesn't maintain the same coherence. The large illustration is rendered with a high degree of depth, which creates a mismatch with the simple 2-dimensional icons. Visual confusion is further created by laying text on top of a graphic of a road, and the text is difficult to navigate because this infographic doesn't use visual techniques to differentiate between its main sections. If the design placed each section on an individual background, the reading experience would be more intuitive. The text of this infographic stays on-topic, and line and shape icons represent their associated concepts effectively. Data visualizations are missing, though. All data points are represented using typography alone. If this infographic incorporated bar graphs, quantagrams, and pie charts, its data would immediately be more interesting to a reader. Overall, an inconsistent visual style and a lack of data visualization techniques disarm this infographic of its effectiveness. We'd give this an F.

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