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This infographic resume was submitted to us by Tina Chen of Sacramento, California. Here is what she had to say about her resume:

As a self taught designer in a tough job market, I realized I needed something to make myself stand out from the crowd. My inspiration? All of the other awesome infographic resumes out there!

An infographic is actually a really cool way to have your resume stand out from the crowd. As infographics become more popular and the traditional paper resume gets closer to become obsolete, we are definitely going to see more resumes like this. Aside from allowing you to stand out, an infographic resume (if you design it yourself) is an opportunity for employers or clients to catch a glimpse of your skills without having to read through a resume or thumb through your entire portfolio. Making an infographic resume is definitely a smart move. That said, on to the critique…

Overall, I would give this a B+. The designer was pretty creative with displaying the data on her infographic. The graph in the employment section is a really creative way to show the time spent working for each client. I also really like the dot plot showing the proportion of how often each program is used. The colors for the “types of projects” section are nice, but this particular graph could be a lot more interesting – there are a lot of cool ways to design pie charts besides the traditional method. I also think that the icons in the “programs” section could be a little bit cleaner – the Adobe ones are fine, but the other four look very squished. I am also not sure what the PC/Mac icon is there for. Finally, I am not crazy about some of the fonts on this infographic – Myriad Pro works well here (and I think it’s awesomely clever that “comic sans” is in that font as well), but the other handwritten font is a little difficult to read.

Overall, this is a great idea for a resume! I cannot wait to see the ones that other people come up with as well, and I’ll be happy to post them here.


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