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Today’s infographic comes to us from eCampus. They provided a very long description during their submission, so I’ll dive into my critique first. Their infographics are improving, but I feel like there is still room for improvement. This design feels like a lot of clip art slapped together. There isn’t any data visualization, instead there are images that compliment the text, but if the text were taken out, the images would not make any sense… so it’s not really an infographic. As I’ve said many times with their infographics, their logo is way too huge at the bottom. It deters from the entire infographic and makes this infographic look too self serving. Infographics should provide information for a wide audience and that audience should feel top of mind, but the size of the logo at the bottom makes it seem like the audience doesn’t matter.

There’s so much data out there about the class of 2011 that could have been included in this infographic like the expected graduation rate, the number of 17-18 year olds using Facebook and other social networks, and more. I really wish that were included because right now this infographic is sub par at best.

Here’s what was said upon submission:

Online textbook e-tailer recently compiled research from Beloit College’s Mindset List into a detailed infographic explaining the constantly changing culture that today’s college students are immersed in.

According to the infographic posted on the eCampus Blog and at, students in the Class of 2011 have never seen Johnny Carson alive on television. During the course of their lives, students have always had access to the World Wide Web as well as bottled water. It is the norm for students today to see commercial product placement in films and on television.

Every year, Beloit College publishes the Mindset List allowing teachers to know what current culture is for their students. This allows teachers to know that U2 is much more than a spy plane to their students. “In a constantly changing culture is glad that we are able to keep our customers informed and current on important topics.” said Matt Montgomery, President and CEO of “At we strive to provide good useful information to our customers to keep them learning even beyond the textbook.”

The infographic also details the real time autobiographies created by the Class of 2011 through social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. According to the infographic, Fox has always been considered a major network during the lives of these students. Also it is normal for today’s students that Humvees, minus the artillery, are available to the public.


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