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are you in the most anal state?Via: Sex Toys
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While we’ve come across a few sex toy related infographics on the net, we haven’t been too hip on republishing them. That said, when someone submits an infographic to us and has the courtesy and respect that Angela at does, how could we say no? Granted, this won’t go for all infographics, as some people have submitted slanderous, lewd, or just absolutely disgusting infographics to us that we haven’t published. This, on the other hand, is a pretty funny way to focus on a little talked about aspect of the sex toy industry: anal beads! (sorry, I had to put an exclamation point after that).

When asked about this infographic, the people at said the following:

We used our data that we had on hand to compile the list of states that had the most anal sex. We found this by tallying all of our orders for anal toys and figuring out where all of them originated. Some of the results may surprise you.

All in all, this infographic is pretty interesting and could make anyone’s face match the color pallet when looking at it for a long time. It is surprising at first to see just how anal the state of Alaska is, but if you look closer at the key, it says that green means 1 anal toy for every 10,000-14,999 residents. Since Alaska has about 700,000 residents, that’s about 46-70 total toys in the entire state. Given this math, it looks like New England is the place to be for anyone wanting to partake in an anal toy or two. But I’m too lazy to go state by state and do the math to see which state truly has the largest number of anal toys. A graph with that information would be a nice addition to this infographic.


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