An Infographic About Santa’s Insurance Costs


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This infographic comes from, which helps people find car insurance and make the process less confusing. The infographic covers what it would cost to insure Santa, if he and his entire operation (cover your eyes kids) actually existed. The infographic includes real types of insurance mixed with insurance options that would only exist form someone like Kris Kringle, and has some funny stats and assumptions mixed in.

Ultimately, the infographic is OK at best. The design is minimal and there is a lot of blank space everywhere. The numbers fade in with the rest of the content, making it seem as if there isn’t really any data to take in at all. Also, there is no conclusion to the infographic. For instance, the infographic is titled “Santa’s Insurance Costs: How Much Would it Really Cost to Cover Santa’s Christmas Operation?” But the answer is not fully given. Yes, it shows cost of various insurance, but it doesn’t show a total at the end, so if someone is actually interested and desperate for an answer, they’ll have to pull out a calculator to get it.

It seems that around Christmas, there are a lot of infographics coming out that have to do with Santa and presume a great deal of information just to get a point across. While these infographics can be fun, they sometimes lack in value because the majority of the information is made up. At least this infographic provides some value, since it covers some true costs of insurance.

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