An Infographic About Mattresses

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brought to you by the Coast to Coast Mattress Mattress Sale

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Today’s infographic comes to us from Coast to Coast Mattress and dissects all the different types of mattresses available today. Upon submitting this infographic, the designers had the following to say about it:

Do I like this infographic? Eh…. not really. Here’s what I do like: the mattress pieces for the bar graphs. That’s actually pretty cool. The color pallet is OK, especially since it matches the branding of Coast to Coast. Here’s my issues:

      This infographic relies too much on typography rather than true data visualization
      The typography is cluttered, making this infographic really hard to take in and it likely makes people want to stop scrolling before even getting half way through
      Starting with the comparison chart makes the upper fold of the infographic uninteresting and too text heavy. A way to fix this would be to include a standard price range and showcase this in a bar graph
      Reading all caps everywhere… especially with a very small letting (line spacing) throughout the infographic
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  • Hey there,

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  • Never thought the human body could go 10 days without sleep… learn something every day!

    Commercial Printer November 2, 2011 11:26 am Reply

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