An Infographic About How Our Laws Are Made


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I love infographics that use a game board as their main focal point, and this one does a good job of simplifying that just slightly. The infographic covers the path it takes for a bill to become a law, starting with an introduction into the legislature and concluding with final approval and publication. There are quite a lot of points along the path where a bill can be killed and the infographic shows this well with red hands mirroring a don’t walk sign.

Bills begin at the House of Representatives and then move the the Senate, but can always be pushed back to one or another in a big juggling act while the two halves of our legislative system try to reach agreement and compromise. I could definitely see this infographic being printed out and used in an educational setting, as images provide a great and easy way to learn.

Ultimately, this infographic reminds me of that old School House Rock “I’m just a Bill” song, but nothing could ever be as fun as that song, so the infographic just doesn’t hit the very high bar that song set. All that said, it’s still a very well put together infographic with a lot of great detail.

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