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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Real Men Drink Here is what they had to say about their infographic:

Despite having spent the majority of our lives with boobs on the brain, it’s truly surprising just how little the average person actually knows about breasts. Enter the infographic: Everything you need to know about boobs. After reading this you’ll truly know just about everything there is to know about the world’s favorite fashion accessories.

Here is my critique of the infographic as a whole:

The quality data visualization of this infographic is so-so. There certainly is enough for it to count. The top half of the infographic has a good amount of data visualized, and the bottom half relies heavily of typography to get the information across. The “Global Distribution of Boob Jobs” section is visualized in a way that makes sense, but it could be much more organized – maybe in the form of pie charts or another bar graph. The “>375 Ways to Say Boobs” section is an interesting way to show that information, but needs clarification – I would assume that words used most frequently are represented in larger type, so it would be interesting to see where all of these words were used (In one document? A Google search? Furthermore, it doesn’t take a designer to make a tag cloud like this – there are plenty of free tag cloud generators that will produce things identical to this.

The “Types of Implants” section could easy have some data visualization comparing the amount of each type of breast implants that are preferred. The “Map of Boobs” section is also much too text-heavy and kind of a pain to read through. One of the text boxes is also very off-center. I understand the idea of extrapolating conclusions from this data (the call-outs are more creative than just repeating percentages), but for the sake of keeping things concise and readable all of this text should probably get pared down. The graphics aren’t particularly great either – SFW, sure, and “appropriate” given the subject of the infographic, but they aren’t interesting at all. In fact, they are cheesy. I also think that cutting down on the number of booby icons used for the data visualization (the faceless, large chested ones) could make this infographic a lot less obnoxious.

Sure, this infographic is offensive, obnoxious and sexist – but all that aside, it is still a pretty mediocre design. There are even some typos and places there the data visualization doesn’t match the statistics that are written out, which is pretty sloppy. Overall, there’s quite a bit of room for improvement, but you can only fix so much of this thing.


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