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Today’s infographic is all about Acne. It comes from Ulmer Dermatology and is proof that almost any concept can be made into an infographic. Upon submission, the folks at had the following to say:

Acne affects millions of Americans. When it comes to acne treatments and acne solutions, there are a number of facts to know about acne and how it affects us. These 14 things you should know about acne will help you to improve and maintain your complexion. Learn the facts of acne treatment and acne prevention.

As far as design goes, this is a well designed image utilizing great typography, but is it data visualization? Not completely. This is mainly a well designed article or list. There are no actual data points in here, no graphs, nothing to compare side by side, no charts, etc. If all the text were taken out of this infographic, it wouldn’t make any sense, which is the first sign that this is not data visualization. An infographic NEEDS to have images showcase the information and the data. It needs to designed in such a way that if the images were taken out, then it wouldn’t make sense with just text, not the other way around. This is the challenge of infographics. As the infographic space continues to become saturated with new companies entering the market, it’s important to set a high bar and work to hit that with every design. This misses that mark, as it’s not really data visualization. It’s designed well, but doesn’t fit the true definition of an infographic. Of course, this isn’t always the designer’s fault. Often times, clients do not fully understand what a true infographic entails and they request a large amount of text.

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