American Movie vs. Tech Industry (or Love Bytes)

American Movie vs Tech Industry (Infographic)
Source: LocateTV

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This fun infographic by LocateTV examines the relationship between the American film industry and the Silicon Valley tech industry, which have gone hand in hand for many years as both industries continue to aid in the others success. The infographic begins by showing how improvements in technology have aided in blockbuster hits like Avatar being developed. It also shows how creative ideas for futuristic technology in movies like Back to the Future have sent the tech industry into development for things like Warp Drive and self-tying shoelaces.

The infographic continues by showing how rich the tech industry is when compared to major Hollywood directors and producers, with the founder of Dell having more money than the richest people in Hollywood put together. The infographic continues by showing a variety of technological developments that have helped push movies forward and then shows the love of geeks in movies. All in all, though the makers of this infographic probably didn’t intend this, the infographic mainly shows a one-sided relationship. It seems that the technology industry has done amazing things to help push movies forward, but this can be said about almost any industry being helped by technology. There is little, on the other hand, to show how the film industry has helped tecnhology, so this strong relationship that the infographic suggests, is kind of a stretch at best.

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