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This is another infographic that comes to us from, who also created the Rise in Silver infographic that we posted last Friday. Upon submitting the infographic, the folks at said the following:

In times past gold diggers craved the elusive discovery of gold nuggets. Today, just about everyone wears it and its a wise stock for any investor seeking to preserve purchasing power. But have you ever thought about which countries have the biggest gold reserves and which countries are producing the gold? Jump to the infographic and get to some interesting facts and factoids about the glistening substance.

Why we created it

Because we knew there would be some surprises in which countries mine the most gold and just how much gold is held in reserves by all the big players.

Our sources

We sourced most of the data for the infographic from publicly available government data, although that drew quite a bit of speculation from investors who doubted the reliability of governments to tell the truth.

About Money Choices

Money Choices was setup in 2008 as a comparison website for Australians to compare all types of financial products. It sounds boring but we can save you a lot of money by finding you a better bank account, credit card or loan.

Overall, they did a good job with this infographic. Just looking at the infographic, you’ll know it’s about gold because of the background chosen and the icons. Unlike the silver infographic of theirs that we posted last week, this on is longer and therefor answers more questions. I think it’s a pretty good job given the topic.

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