Alice Waters’ Kitchen “Infographic”

Alice Waters Kitchen
Source: Vanity Fair

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This “infographic” from Vanity Fair Online shows a photograph of Alice Waters’ Kitchen along with notes from Alice herself about various objects and food within the photo. All in all, this is dubbed an infographic, but is kind of a stretch as it’s simply a photo with some content layered on top. Despite this, Alice Waters fans have been happy to see something like this, as it helps them get to know this famed chef.

Some interesting bits of information from this graphic include the fact that Alice Waters makes her own red wine vinegar, which she ferments in a water jug on her kitchen counter. Also, when it comes to wine, her favorite is Domaine Tempier rose, which she currently has two bottles of in her kitchen. The majority of the infographic shows where she gets her food and does a good job of hyping up other chefs and restaurants. This infographic reads more like a magazine spread, but it was created for an online magazine, so this is to be expected in some senses.

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