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This infographic comes to us from Ben Beath and shows what the amount of money spent on the Royal Wedding could buy if put towards other causes. What I like about this infographic is the couple’s silhouette being used as the main graph. It’s very creative and the colors are great. The “number of people affected” text on the left hand side needs to switch spots with the “could also by.” Right now, it’s breaking up the only main message of the infographic and causes it not to flow as well. I have only one issues with the graph itself. The numbers that correspond to the data on the other side of the graph: all but two are located on the outside of the couple. The two that are in between the Prince and his lady should be moved to the outside. It would probably be better to have the couple hold hands or side by side, facing foward – just for the purpose of avoiding unintentional suggestion of any kind.

I like having all data on the side, but I think there could be a little more variety with regards to what specifically could be purchased with the money spent on the Royal wedding. We have three data points dedicated to “kids in Africa,” where I know there could be data about how we could benefit people in other parts of the world as well, if only to avoid redundancy in the text. There are a lot of options here – relief effort in Japan, for instance. The last thing with the data (and this might be nitpicky) is that “eyesight restored” should probably read “restored eyesight.” Inserting this into the sentence, “The cost of one royal wedding could also buy ____,” makes more sense.

My other issue is that this is so small. This could be a much longer piece with a cohesive message, but instead it only provides one graph and therefor one data set. Today’s infographics are more than just one graph. This is one piece of data visualization, but not an entire infographic in my opinion. Icons could be used throughout to better visualize the expenses, because right now I have to read everything to understand it, rather than view the infographic and know what is going on.

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