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This infographic comes to us from and showcases the Oscars throughout the years. Now I know that the Oscars are over, but the folks at actually posted this infographic last week, it’s just been sitting in our submission cue since we had a heavy submission week last week. In other words, don’t ding them for this appearing after the Oscars, ding us.

Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at had the following to say:

Ever wondered how an Oscar sizes up compared to a newborn baby, or which movie had the most wins (or snubs)?

If your answer to that question was “yes,” then this infographic is for you! Overall, the infographic is a bit wordy, but considering the topic, it’s hard to get away from that. To take the infographic to the next level, I suggest adding images of the actors and movies. I do love the time line, the section with the baby, and how the Oscar image is used like a bar graph. I also think that the large Oscar in the center adds a nice piece of eye candy to this infographic.

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