A Guide to Buying Your Own Island (Infographic)

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Who hasn’t wanted to buy their own private island at least once in their life? This almost unreachable goal is the topic of a new infographic by, which provides a detailed “How-to” guide for anyone wanting to make this dream a reality. The infographic offers 4 simple steps including choosing a location, budget, joining the club, or renting. What is great about this infographic is that it shows how owning an island is actually an attainable goal and sheds light onto the reality of this type of venture. One might see the title of an infographic like this and assume that it’s meant to be funny, but it’s actually quite serious.

There are many interesting facts from this infographic, but some of the most eye opening include the following:

  • The cheapest island sale on record was for only $12,500 in 2009, which is cheaper than almost all brand new cars
  • There are about 490,000 islands that can currently be sold in the world
  • The cost of making an island inhabitable is usually 1.5x of mainland projects and takes much longer as well

While this is a very informative infographic, step 3 seems very out of place. They suggest that you “Join the Club,” but don’t explain why. “The Club” is a list of corporate owners (or cruise lines) that own a variety of islands for their cruises. It doesn’t state whether joining these clubs gives you a piece of the island, or if they are just trying to advertise for cruises. As such, it would be nice if this section had more details.


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