A Brief History of Audio


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This infographic comes to us from and details a brief history of audio from the inception of recorded audio in 1877 all the way to the current state of digital music today. Upon submission, AudioAffair had the following to say about this infographic:

With the mordern lifestyle of music, not everyone knows the true history of how every major audio equipment came about throughout the past couple of centuries. This infographic display a breif timeline of some events occured which are worth a mention, such as the invention of the first ever audio device, to the birth of MP3.

And as an addition a few small facts and statistics are displayed at the bottom too, to show the current types of favourite music, how music affects our lives and the safe listening time on an iPod.

Overall, the infographic is OK, but the best part is the bottom, which displays some facts and figures about music. The top half of the infographic, on the other hand, has so much text that I don’t want to read it. Infographics are a great way to display a history of something, but this reads more like a very simplified list than an actual graphical representation. This infographic would be much better if they could take the style and imagery used at the bottom and find ways to do the same in the top half.

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