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This is a really fun infographic from, which covers the 7 types of iPhone users. It starts out with some great stats about AT&T versus Verizon and the coming war of the iPhones between these two carriers. Next, it goes into a list of the 7 types of iPhone users, which is not rooted in fact at all and is very text heavy, but still really fun. While I often talk about how infographics should not be text heavy, this infographic has a lot of great and original design behind it that makes up for it. It serves as a very funny way to pass the time and will likely have a lot of people laughing. Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at said the following:

With over 70 million Apple iPhones sold already and with Verizon announcing that they will begin selling the iPhone in February, which will lead to many more millions of users. People are passionate about their smartphones, especially the Apple iPhone. The 7 Types of iPhone Users takes a humorous look at the different stereotypes of iPhone users that have emerged. These are called The Fanboy, The Unappreciative, The Overuser, The Deskjob, The Hacker, The Senior Citizen and The Complainer. If you are an Apple fan and an iPhone user, you can tell us what type of user you are by voting, tweeting or commenting.

After going through this infographic, I’m definitely The Overuser and my boss is The Deskjob. While this isn’t rooted in fact, it sure pegged me right. So how bout it, what type of iPhone user are you?

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