7 Infographics About Green Living


In this ever-changing world in which we live in (thanks, Paul McCartney), it’s vital that we keep in mind humanity’s more destructive habits. Issues like global warming, endangered species, pollution and more threaten our planet as we know it. These infographics address the necessity of green living to a variety of degrees, so that we can try to preserve as much of this world in which we live in as possible. And add in as many unnecessary prepositions as we can. (Click any image to view the entire infographic.)

Benefits of a Hybrid

hybrid infographic

If you knew that the sleek, tiny Prius could save you over $4,000 per year on gas, you’d consider kicking your Hummer H2 to the curb, right? This infographic gives you a million reasons why hybrid cars are better for the environment and your wallet. The appropriately green background has sort of a recycled paper texture–a nice touch that ties into the theme. Consider how much you drive on a daily basis; maybe you can walk to the grocery store for that daily Red Bull instead of driving there.

UK Exhibition CO2 Emissions

co2 infographic

All the travel by United Kingdom citizens for exhibitions alone in 2009 produced over 60,000 tons of CO2–that’s equal to a car circumnavigating the equator 9,023 times! Remember, that’s only travel related to exhibitions in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t include leisure travel, travel to and from work, or anything else. Suggestions on how to reduce the environmental impact of travel follow the statistics given in this infographic. Consider calculating your carbon footprint to find out how much carbon dioxide you use.

Is It Really Green?

is it green infographic

Green products are incredibly marketable–9 out of 10 shoppers feel the environmental impact of a product is important to consider when making a purchase, and 7 out of 10 will pay up to 20% more for a green product than a regular one. However, many companies will advertise a product as being more environmentally friendly than it really is. This infographic shows how to tell just how green a material is and get around the hype. It’s amazing what misleading terms are legal to use, even when they don’t accurately describe the product inside.

UPS: Keeping the Blue Skies Green

UPS infographic

UPS, a top shipping company, uses its own fleet of airplanes to transport packages around the world. All that travel is taxing on the environment, but they’ve got plans for reducing their CO2 emissions and other harmful practices to “keep the blue skies green.” By 2010, they’d already surpassed their fuel efficiency goals for 2011. See how one company makes plans to go green, and think about what your company can do to reduce its carbon footprint.

Top Countries With Endangered Species

endangered species infographic

The United States has a total of 1,203 endangered species (both plant and animal) making it the country with the second highest number of endangered species in the world. Our country has more endangered fish and mollusks than any other country in the world. Ecuador is the number one country, and it has nearly twice the number of endangered species. The importance of species preservation is emphasized here.

How Higher Learning Affects the Environment

higher learning infographic

Student use of paper and gas could be greatly reduced by taking online classes. Eighteen million students use 900,000 tons of paper, but doing school work on a computer would eliminate most of that. Use of gas to get to and from school would also decrease or cease. This infographic makes the argument that online schooling is better for the environment.

Is Cannabis Treated Unfairly?

cannabis infographic

Green… get it? This is a very different type of green, but it does tie in in a way. It compares cannabis to other street drugs and shows the cost of imprisonment for various drug-related crimes. While this infographic isn’t about environmentally friendly products, it does show the costs of another type of green living!

November 15 is America Recycles Day, so gather up those bottles and cans and contribute to a new wave of environmental consciousness. These infographics show how important taking care of our planet really is, and utilizing the tips provided to boost your knowledge of green living will be beneficial for everyone.

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