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This infographic comes to us from and covers facts about what can happen in 60 seconds for several websites that we all use every day. Here is a sample of what goes on online each minute:

  • 12,000+ ads are posted to
  • 98,000+ new Tweets are posted.
  • 6,600+ pictures are uploaded to Flickr.
  • There are over 695,000 status updates on Facebook.
  • Over 70 new domain names are registered.

This infographic has a lot of data. It is fairly easy to read and go through quickly, but this data could be visualized in a much better way. Right now, each statistic is accompanied by the respective logo of the website. I really like the way that all of the logos are incorporated and all of the facts are very interesting.

This data could be presented well graphically — the LinkedIn section is a good example of how most of this data could be visualized. Each icon could represent a certain number of profiles (or tweets or status updates) and then the total number could be displayed that way. The sites whose statistics involve amounts of time (like Pandora or Skype) could be visualized in a similar way or with a bar graph. In addition improving the aesthetic of the infographic and making it easier to read, visualizing the data would be a great way to compare activity on each of these websites as well.

This infographic is designed nicely, but could seriously benefit from work on the data visualization aspect. It has the potential to be really great!

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