6 Infographics College Students Will Love (And 1 About Bacon)


Infographics are a fast, colorful, and tech-friendly way to get information. All of these attributes simply scream “college student,” so we gathered a list of IGs appealing to that demographic. As the class of 2011 muscles their way into the workforce and the class of 2012 soldiers on into senior year, we want to showcase infographics as a quick way to get the facts you need and enjoy looking at them. (They’re like the CliffsNotes of the data world.) While most of these IGs are directly relevant to college, we think a majority of college students are pretty into bacon, so we’ve included a succulent infographic about it, too. Grab a frying pan and read on.

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college infographic

Buying vs. Renting Textbooks

Textbook rental is a popular way to save on the exorbitant cost of books. Students can save over $2,500 in a four-year education by renting their textbooks. That’s a lot of bacon money, kids. Of course, there is a list of “better” ways you could spend your money, if you want to be practical like that. We also see how rental saves taxpayer money, which parents and grads can be happy about. (We’d like to point out that taxpayer savings are represented by pigs. While intended to give the impression of a piggy bank, it reminds us of bacon.) This infographic is easy to follow, so you can scroll through it at the bookstore.


dorm infographicThe 14 Best and Worst Dorms in the Country

Although this infographic doesn’t give any of the dirty details on why these dorms are awesome or awful, it’s still pretty useful. Maybe we don’t want to know why Garner Hall is the worst dorm in the country. It might involve bodily fluids, pest infestation, or gray dining hall food. You should save the link or embed code to this IG when making your housing requests. That way, when John from Math 203 shows up every morning smelling like the burnt hair in his dorm’s carpet, you can link him and he can put in a request to move ASAP.
student facebook infographic

Reading Students Like An Open Facebook

Did you know that 70% of colleges say a student’s Facebook profile is a medium to high priority in admissions? You ought to change your profile pic to that cute high school grad picture with Grandma. This IG uses a nice bright color palette to convey some terrifying (though useful) information for prospective college and grad school students. The designer used simple bar and circle graphs with varied orientations and icons, keeping the data visualization interesting. Bookmark this IG to review again before you mail in your application.


teachers facebook infographic

Reading Professors Like An Open Facebook

It’s nice to see this IG, directly related to the one above, use similar tactics but new design for its data. While the same circle graphs are present, the color scheme is different, and the bar graph has been reimagined. This also has more illustration, like the cute desk setup. 91% of professors use social media as part of their jobs… so look them up! Even with privacy settings, you’ll still at least find a profile pic, and sometimes those are worth their pixels in gold. Or laughs. Or bacon. (Wait, maybe not in bacon.)
twitter infographic

College Students: Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades?

Admit it. You’ve tweeted during class. You’ve tweeted in the library. You’ve tweeted while waiting to talk to your prof. You tweet all the time, but is it affecting your education? This dynamic Twitter-blue and gray infographic wants to figure that out, and it analyzes some pretty interesting data to do so. As long as you’re not tweeting about the cute barista at the coffee shop this morning, Twitter can play a positive role in a learning environment. We already know social media plays an enormous role in, well, social relationships, but educational usage is pretty cool.

class of 2011 infographic An Infographic About the Class of 2011

Our recent grads have grown up with the internet. They are tech-savvy. They don’t bat an eye at actors drinking brand-name sodas and shopping at major retailers in movies and TV. And yes, the first thing they think of when they hear U2 is Irish rockstar Bono. They may also fear tap water, opting for the finest in bottled H20. This is our new generation. Congratulations, class of 2011! To celebrate your entrance into the “real world,” maybe you should fry up some of…

bacon infographic

America’s Favorite Bacon Dishes

We designed this appropriately red and pink infographic. It uses social media ratings to determine the most popular ways to eat bacon in some major US cities. These range from pretty normal fare (double bacon cheeseburgers are #1 in San Diego) to the absurd (chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon are somehow the Chicago favorite… Atlanta has similar taste). We don’t know where all these people who eat bacon with dates are hiding, but the IG shows its the most popular pairing. If you’re a no-frills bacon eater, just fry it up and chow down–we won’t judge.


Wrapping Things Up (Other Than Bacon-Wrapped Dates)

For busy college students, the faster the info is available, the better. Infographics are a great source of information for this huge portion of internet users, and there are a wealth of topics that will peak their interest. Food is always a plus, but data on financial planning, careers, cars, entertainment, politics, and more will resonate strongly, too. Keep it simple, use pictures, minimize text. These simple rules apply to all infographics, by the way: you should always focus on data visualization, telling as little about your topic through text as possible. Infographics without the graphics are just info.

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