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Since infographics are typically designed for web use–though there are exceptions where they might be made for print–it only makes sense that there should be plenty of them about technology. This week we decided to dig up some that have been submitted to us in the past and compile them into one handy post. We look at some bygone eras in technology history, from the first mobile OS to the technological threats that endanger our use of the web. We also examine digital learning, how social technologies can be used within a business, B2B and B2C, and how the movie and tech industries function together. Take some time to learn a little more about tech today. Click any image to view the entire infographic.

Technology Enhances Learning
tech learning infographic
For those wondering whether the internet and computers are corrupting our youth, we direct you to this infographic showing that teachers (those people with experience in teaching our children) find great value in using the tools of technology in the classroom. If ever you find yourself asking “is our children learning?” you can derive great comfort from the fact that yes, they is indeed learning, and they is doing it on computers now. (Cheers to those who picked up the Dubya reference.) It seems that 57% of teachers feel digital learning is assisting student learning, while only 6% feel that textbooks are engaging. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the back problems kids get from carrying 40-pound backpacks to class.

Social Technologiessocial tech infographic

Social technologies can be used in several aspects of business–it isn’t limited to marketing. This infographic details how departments like HR and IT use social tech for time tracking and recruitment, while on the customer side you’d find more familiar approaches like surveys, sentiment analysis, competitor insight tools and more. Smartly divided between inside and outside business, this graphic, while lacking data viz, does provide insight into the various uses for the myriad social tech tools at our disposal.

The Evolution of Mobile Operating Systems
mobile operating infographic

Can you remember back, all the way back to 1996? A time before tablets, iPhones, Facebook and even Y2K? Well, mobile operating systems were in development even way back then. That was the year the Palm OS launched, followed annually by Palm OS 2.0 and Palm OS 3.0. In the beginning, it was just Palm and Microsoft’s Pocket PC. Blackberry didn’t even enter the scene until 2005, swiftly followed by Android, iPhone, Symbian, Samsung, and a wave of evolutions following the establishment of these. This infographic takes you down techie memory lane and back into the dark ages, so to speak.

American Movie vs. Tech Industry (or, Love Bytes)
movie tech infographic

While this seems to begin as a rivalry, it really ends up as an analysis of two independent industries who have begun to grow together. Sure, the tech industry makes nearly 23 times more than the movie industry, but a lot of technology is focused around visual media–portable DVD players, tablets and iPhones that play video, TV screens in seat backs on airplanes and in cars… they’re quite intertwined. Besides, tech also provides solutions to the otherwise potentially unsolvable problems posed by imaginative screenwriters. This infographic shows the rise of the geek (as portrayed in cinema) from super lame to superhero and back down a little closer to earth.

Threat Morphosis: The Shifting Motivations Behind Digital Threats
threat infographic

Similar to the mobile operating systems infographic, this IG takes us back into the birth of tech threats. Who doesn’t have fond memories of the Love Letter worm of 2000? Back then, who wouldn’t want to open an e-mail proclaiming love, right? My, how times have changed. Four years later, 37,000,000 files were infected in one year, and from 2005 to 2008, Trend Micro saw a 2,135% jump in threats on the internet. Now we are cautious surfers of the world wide web, constantly on alert for new horrors and updating our anti-virus, anti-malware anti-anti software. Where might online threats be heading next?

Thanks for checking out these techie IGs. Keep up with us as we review new infographics, report on IG news and more!

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