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Gobble gobble! It’s almost turkey day, a.k.a. Thanksgiving, in the United States. Other than thinking back on our country’s history, spending time with family and friends, and giving thanks for the good things in our lives, we pretty much consider Thanksgiving to be the day to stuff our faces with delicious food. So this week seems appropriate to round up some food-related infographics. Maybe they will give you some ideas about what you’ll want to eat this Thursday.

turkey-infographicTurkey Hunting Infographic

While most people buy frozen or refrigerated turkeys at the grocery store, some still opt to hunt the birds themselves. Much like cutting down your own Christmas tree, we’d imagine that hunting your own turkey offers a similar, triumphant DIY feeling. However, given that the average turkey can run up to 25 miles per hour and fly up to 55 miles per hour, you’d have to be a pretty darn good shot! Still, it’s apparently the fastest-growing hunting trend in the United States, so happy hunting.
Thai Cuisine

Maybe Thai food is not the typical choice for a Thanksgiving meal, but sometimes spicier is better. Besides, what are you going to do if the oven breaks or the turkey falls in the trash? Order pizza? Have some class! Sweet and spicy Thai food would be a much more interesting recovery from disaster than boring old pizza. With this infographic, you can learn what regions your favorite Thai dishes come from, and how spicy they are compared to others. Quick suggestion: get the Khao Phat for Grandma Margaret. Her heartburn isn’t pretty.

History of Superfruits

Everyone has a favorite dish at Thanksgiving, and for some people it’s the cranberry sauce. (Yes, really.) But what about mixing it up a little this year? Blackberry sauce? Blueberry-black currant sauce? Cran-black-blue-strawberry-mangosteen sauce? (Whoa–too far; scale it back.) Check out some of these fruits that you didn’t even know were superfruits. It’s not just acai and goji berry; everyday strawberries are in effect a superfruit too! Open your mind and open your mouth for some different side dishes on Thursday.

The Fatty Truth About Fast Foodfast-food-infographic

And if you don’t want to go the superfruit route, you can always go the deep-fried takeout route. Just look at how many of your daily calories are consumed in one fast food meal! Two common establishments might put you OVER that daily caloric limit, depending on what you order. So even if you decide not to cook the whole feast this year, you might want to still cook up those Brussels sprouts–get a couple veggies in, at least. And no, French fries don’t count as a veggie. Ketchup is not a fruit. Those wilted pieces of lettuce, pickles, onion and tomato might be worth half of a serving.

FarmVille vs. Real Farms

Sure, it feels rewarding to harvest an entire field of pumpkins in two minutes on FarmVille. But think about the back-breaking labor an actual farmer has to do to accomplish the same thing. Do you think it takes him two minutes? No way. (And the average farmer is male, while female players own 60% of the farms on FarmVille.) If there were as many farmers in America as there are FarmVille players, we probably wouldn’t have room for all the farmland! Thank a farmer while you’re eating this Thanksgiving, since you can’t eat your yield from a Facebook game.

There you have it. Food for thought!

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