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It’s officially after Thanksgiving. This means that all the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas music you put up with in stores is now replaced by… seasonally appropriate Christmas music. That’s right; it would be difficult for you to complain about the prevalence of holiday music now that the typical shopping season has begun. But to get “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Santa Baby” out of your head, we’ve come up with some infographics about music, video games, movies and other forms of entertainment that will distract you for just a little while longer.

gaga infographicLady Gaga: The Fame Monster

Okay, admittedly Lady Gaga is considered by some to be at least as bad as Christmas music, if not worse. “Poker Face” is just as likely to get stuck in your head as “Little Drummer Boy.” (Pa-rum-pa-pum-p-p-p-poker face.) But it’s much more danceable, anyway. And it hasn’t been stuck in your head for your entire life, whereas most holiday music is injected into your brain at birth. So give Gaga a chance this year. That way, if you must go shopping, you can just pop in your headphones and shop to the beat of a different drummer.

music infographicThe Fragmented World of Digital Music

Speaking of Gaga, this IG tells us she’s got the second digitally-best-selling song of 2010 with “Bad Romance” and the fourth best-selling with “Telephone.” With the CD going the way of the dodo, or the cassette tape, digital music is our new medium. Purchase songs individually, or buy whole albums–the only kind of storage space you need is a drive, not a rack of albums. (And since gift cards are so hot these days, you can knock out a great gift for almost anyone on your list by purchasing a gift card or subscription for a digital music service!)
doctor who infographic
Doctor Who By the Numbers

What better way to say “Happy Holidays” than with the gift of television! (It’s also a good way to say “I’m in denial about the holidays,” as long as you’re watching on DVD, where there are no commercials.) Seasons or entire series of TV shows make great gifts, and they practically wrap themselves. Whichever Dr. Who you consider to be the real one, the show has an undeniable following. You can spend days watching Dr. Who instead of shopping, too! Or, even better, while shopping online. cod infographic

Call of Duty Franchise

If you’d still like to forget that the holidays are upon us for as long as you can, Call of Duty is a great way to sequester yourself away from the mall rush! That is, if you haven’t foolishly put CoD Modern Warfare 3 on your gift list. Smart gamers pre-ordered and picked up on release day so that they could postpone the holiday craze. Those who’ve asked for it as a gift are crazed for a different reason. But if you’ve already made this n00b mistake, you could always return to an earlier game from the franchise. It’s not like they weren’t successful games or anything. Just look at how many military vehicles you could buy for the price of the franchise! kardashian infographic

Kardashian Wedding vs. Average Wedding

Okay, since the time this infographic was created, this relationship has entered the annals of Stupid Celebrity Wedding History. But many of us latch on to celebrities’ lives as an escape from our own, so maybe you follow their weddings with fervor. Even though she’s returning to Ms. from Mrs., we can still marvel at just how extravagant this wedding was–and just how short of a marriage all that spending bought her!

There you have it–distractions from/accompaniments to the holiday shopping rush. Happy pre-holidays!

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