4 Ways Infographics Can Bring You Success


The last couple of years have brought about hundreds of thousands of infographics on all sorts of topics, but some are still missing out on the benefits. Infographics are an easy and unique way to bring success to your business.


Infographics are a unique way to build your company brand. Launching an infographic – especially one that is well-designed, as well as unique and relevant to your target audience – can say a lot about your corporate identity. Integrating infographics into your design and content plan can do loads for your ability to show your audience who you really are and distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Similar to blogs, infographics are also a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. They aren’t just for regurgitating established data–you can also build an argument with them. If you can utilize complex information that is relevant to the concerns and interests of your target audience, you can build trust among your subscribers and create clout for your product.


Part of what makes infographics such an attractive marketing tool is their incredible ability to go viral. As our attention spans get shorter, the need to produce simple and accessible content becomes greater. In the tech and online marketing industry, the ideas being shared are becoming increasingly complex, but need to be expressed in simpler ways. Infographics have been shown (and continue) to be a near-perfect solution to this problem, conveying complicated data in a way that audiences can understand and are more likely to share. Displaying the information visually is much better than giving your subscribers a weighty reading assignment.


The accessibility of infographics is very closely tied in with another attribute that brings them so much success – shareability. Infographics, as well as niche blogs and social networks, are becoming increasingly popular. This creates an environment in which infographics will be shared freely and frequently. With the number of infographics that are out there, it may seem unlikely that your IG will get much love, but worry not. Case studies have shown that well-designed, simple infographics that contain useful (like IG about the effects of sitting at work) or topical and controversial (the Too Big to Fail bank IG) go viral easily. Even clever IGs on more niche topics get plenty of attention in the blogosphere.


Marketers have been taking advantage of the viral capability of infographics and using them as link bait, and so should you. Providing useful information to share can build numerous back links to your site, which of course does wonders for SEO. The more your infographic is shared, the greater the opportunity to create inbound links to your site. It is that simple.


No matter which way you look at it, infographics have immense value as a marketing, SEO, and branding tools. If you haven’t already taken advantage, get on it – infographics are here to stay, but the sooner your business can benefit, the better.

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