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Evolution of the Noble Librarian | Infographic |

Teachers Worth Around the World | Infographic |
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Hello Nurse | Infographic |
Via:Master Degree recently produced 3 infographics, which were submitted to our site. Out of these 3, my favorite is “Hello Nurse” which has a lot of great data visualization, though I’m not a huge fan of the color scheme. Of all the oBizMedia infographics I’ve seen, they all tend to stick to black as their primary color, which isn’t too appealing or visually catching. The infographic space is starting to get pretty competitive for some niches that are using infographics to build traffic, links, and better connect with their audience. Because of this, a certain level of eye candy is needed to take infographics to the next level. The Hello Nurse infographic could be improved with some additional colors and a border around the infographic so that, when put against a white background, the infographic is clearly defined. Other than that though, I love this infographic!

My next favorite is “A Teacher’s Worth Around the World.” Again, it appears that black is the primary color, but at least there are some other colors to help make the graphs pop. I feel like the top 1/4 could be cut in half so that a viewer can get into the infographic faster. The first bar chart is also far larger than it needs to be. That said, I absolutely love the middle chart! It’s a very creative way to showcase the data and visually stimulating. I wish the class sizes section were easier to view, because right now I have to keep scrolling from the picture of students down to the graph underneath. Placing these two items side by side would help to make this section easier to read and is possible if the graph were showcased differently (especially with so many other bar charts already being used in the infographic). There’s a lot of potential with this infographic, and if I could give it a score it would get a B+.

Finally, the librarian infographic is OK. I love the illustrations and the eye candy, but it isn’t actually an infographic because there is no data visualization. Instead this is more like a reading assignment (which librarians will probably love).

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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