2010 World Series By Numbers Infographic


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The crew at MyCheapApartments said that

“this sports infographic takes a look at the home cities of the two teams dueling it out in the 2010 World Series, the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers from Dallas. It looks at city and state data as well as some team specifics as the 2010 MLB World Series draws near.”

However one thing that immediately stands out is that the Texas Rangers are not from Dallas. In looking back at the history of the team, they have been located in Arlington, Texas, since 1972, when the team was moved from Washington D.C. Arlington is close to Dallas, but it is definitely not the same city. However an infographic that compared San Francisco to Arlington, would probably have not had as much appeal as one that compares San Francisco to Dallas.

One of the first stats that this infographic jumps into is a comparison of the two states, which is odd, as the focus was supposed to be on the two cities of the baseball teams. It then goes on to mention a few stats about the cities and the two teams, then closes it out with a comparison of the teams’ two mascots.

Overall this infographic is a bit sparse, and lacks having enough data laid out in an organized manner. It uses a baseball field as the background, which makes it tough to read the small text which they inserted throughout the sports infographic. It would have been great to see this infographic on a background that is more of a solid color, as it would make it easier to take in the data. Additionally it would have been nice to see a greater focus on city data, and more stats that compare and contrast the two teams. Perhaps something about the players as well, and how their stats stack up against each other.

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