2010 Weird & Wacky World News Headlines


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This infographic comes right in time for the new year by covering the weirdest news stories of 2010., a site that helps people find hotels around the world, created the infographic. This infographic kind of teeters the line of on and off topic, which is something we talk about a lot here at Killer Infographics. You see, it’s very easy to create an infographic on any fun topic, but much harder to create an infographic that is related to the exact topic of your website. For instance, insurance websites probably have a hard time putting together an infographic, which we probably should have taken into consideration when critiquing yesterday’s infographic. This infographic does an OK job of sticking to the topic of hotels, by highlighting hotel news in yellow. Also, since it focuses on an “around the world” element, it vaguely relates to travel.

Here is what Quickbeds had to say about the infographic:

Remember the South American miracle – the world watched with bated breath as miner after miner emerged from the rescue capsule after spending 69 days buried underground. Spain wins the World Cup as per the predictions of one psychic octopus and to the continuous drone of a particular instrument (thus vuvuzela becomes a household term). Five star hotels for cats cater to pampered pets and of course, Justin Bieber hits the top of the YouTube charts. 2010 was a year of unusual but certainly memorable happenings – what was your favourite moment?

There are definitely some fun headlines in the infographic that rage from ones we’ve all heard to some we didn’t even know happened. The design could definitely be improved though, because it’s not too pleasing on the eyes.

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