2010 A Year in Review


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This infographic comes to us from and is an attempt at creating a unique infographic, but I think the attempt is a little off. Basically, decided to create a very broad infographic that heavily relies on text. The infographic is so large, that they had to create an interface for easy viewing (though not easy sharing). While it’s fun to interact with, I don’t think this really constitutes as an infographic as much as it’s an information interface. When zoomed to full screen, the text is blurry and hard to read, so beyond pushing buttons, not much information can be garnered from this infographic and the actually design of the infographic is pretty sub par at best.

Upon submitting this infographic, the people at Online Schools gave themselves a pat on the back by describing it as the “Most epic infographic I’ve seen in a while, check it out.”

The most important aspect to note about this infographic is that it has nothing to do with attending an online school. Infographics are an amazing medium to share information, build a brand, and gain inbound links, but there are a lot of websites out there abusing the medium and turning it into spam. They do this by creating infographics that have nothing to do with their company or website in hopes of getting viral love and links. Unfortunately, this works for them, but in the process it turns the entire medium into spam until it fizzles out, and then everyone loses.


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