20 Facts About YouTube

20 Interesting Facts about Youtube
Infographic by – Dubai Web Design Company

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This Infograph is designed by and covers the 20 interesting facts about the world’s biggest Video Sharing Site YouTube. Some interesting facts include:

  • Youtube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim
  • Google Bought YouTube from its original founder for $1.65 billion
  • YouTube serves 2 billion views per day and 78% of traffic to Youtube is Outside the United States
  • YouTube has more than 10% of the overall Internet Traffic
  • 24 hours of video is Uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Content uploaded to YouTube in a week is equivalent to 150,000 full length videos
  • An average Internet user spends around 15 minutes every day on YouTube

While the facts included in this infographic are interesting, the infographic itself has room for improvement. To begin, there are a few spelling errors throughout the graphic, which is a common mistake that designers should pay more attention to. Second, while the background is fun, it makes it hard to read a lot of the data. It’s interesting how a great deal of data is large throughout the infographic, but suddenly small on the one spot where the background blends with the text. Considering this company is using this infographic to advertise web design, there should be more attention paid to design.


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