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This infographic comes to us from eCampus. Recently they submitted an infographic that questioned whether the cost of college is really worth it. This infographic showcases 10 things that have impacted the world over the last 10 years. When they submitted this infographic, they actually wrote quite a lot of good information, so rather than showing what they wrote first, I’m going to dive into the critique as that sometimes gets lost when we post the submission content first.

There are a few things I like about this infographic: The typography and the background. This is the same way I felt about the last infographic they submitted. Here’s what I don’t like: it relies TOO much on text to drive the story. As Matt mentioned in yesterday’s post, an “infographic is a graphical representation of information.” If you can take the pictures out of the infographic and it still shows the exact same information, then it’s not relying on images to display the data. This is more akin to a nicely designed article. This is the problem that keeps coming up with infographics these days.

The other big issue I have is that the ecampus logo is too big and doesn’t even fit into the design. This is too blatant and will deter bloggers from sharing the infographic, which is unfortunate because infogrpahics do not return a good ROI unless they have a viral appeal.

Here’s what the folks at eCampus had to say about the infogrpahic when submitting it:

As 2011 nears, took a look back at some of the most important things that have occurred in the past decade.

Some events that have shaped the last decade were great milestones in American history such as the election of America’s first African American President, Barack Obama. However, the past ten years have also seen great devastation such as Hurricane Katrina, and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Also included are the BP Oil Spill and the Global Recession. These events have changed our country in many ways that will never be forgotten.

Things such as eCommerce and Social Networking have changed the way that people shop and interact with each other. The Harry Potter series debuted in 1996, but took the world by storm in the last 10 years, quickly becoming one of the fastest selling books of the past decade as well as the highest grossing movie series of all time. The Apple iPod changed the music industry just as the Apple iPhone changed the way we communicate with each other.

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